Christine Pyman

Christine A Pyman has taken a graphic design background mixed with a thorough grounding in traditional jewellery skills and merged this with her own particular style to create stunning and unique ranges of wearable, contemporary designer jewellery.
She is best known as the creator of the Joyous Woman series of jewellery designed to express JOY. Currently, Christine is continuing to practise JOY.

My work is designed to express the celebration and sheer exuberance of joy. I like to depict the more whimsical side of life, showing that joy is found in a variety of everyday thoughts and activities, and that it will manifest itself in every small way possible until it builds up into a total rush of joyous energy. I always feel that this "joyous explosion" that I try to show in my pieces will pass on to the wearers, with the act of wearing the brooches being a confirmation of the right to be joyous.
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