Circle Stud, Black and Pink Hashlines

Circle Stud, Black and Pink Hashlines

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These crosshatch circle stud earrings, are a collaboration between Kitty Came Home and South Australian artist Jessica Royans of Birds Nests for Hair. She is locally renowned for her free spirited and heartfelt hand painted artwork and the accompanying quotes with which she famously adorns her planter pots.

Everything she does is magically imbued with her personal spirit and nature; sunshine and smiles!

The crosshatch originated as a tiny detail in a larger work: 'Happy Place' (look for it in our bi-fold clutch or diary designs). 

The earrings are approximately 12mm in diameter.

Kitty Came Home, finish and assemble their light-weight aluminium jewellery range in-house.

Surgical stainless steel stud earposts for happy ears.